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Old Comments:

2008-11-30 12:06:44
A fireman's got to do what a fireman's GOT TO DO!
2008-11-01 03:59:49
do you park on the sidewalk?
2008-09-03 01:02:47
dude got pwnt, shitty car anyway.
2008-07-08 04:29:51
THe fun thing about this is , that because the car was not only parked illegally , the owner was in progress of a committing a crime ( impeding Emergency workers ) so mr oh nice parking space will not get insurance money from the the axe the busted his windows or from the water that will make it a nice BMW bathtub
2008-07-03 02:53:34
Fill the car with water! And Fish! Or just tow it away and leave it somewhere random. I used to arrest really drunk people and drop them off at the cemetery in the middle of the night when they had passed out. I am easy to please, but it made me laugh!!
2008-07-02 08:46:37
This is a wonderful idea. Then people can park right on top of them. :D
2008-07-02 08:33:30
It's a car with California plates, not necessarily IN California.
2008-07-02 06:06:30
This is Classic Popolov. He starts out with what might actually be a valid point or constructive criticism, but gets carried away with his rhetoric and so over-states his case that instead of enlightening anyone or provinding any useful insight or suggestions he just comes off sounding like some kind of foamin'-at-the-mouth lunatic anti-American nut-job.
2008-07-02 05:18:05
Awesome image. They should leave a ticket on his windshield for good measure.
2008-07-02 05:11:31
It must be daunting to have such knowledge that you can say ". . . only in America!!! [
2008-07-02 04:24:35
2008-07-02 03:47:57
Such a typical bloody-minded moronic attitude that only happens in America!!! If parking in front of a fire hydrant is illegal let the stupid local authorities construct iron or steel guards 'around' the hydrants so that cars cannot park in front of them. But better still, let them 'learn' from England and other European countries, where fire hydrants are situated under iron manhole covers set in the pavement (sidewalk), which are always indicated by some marker on the pavement. Its no wonder the great myth: America, the land of the brave and the free, was indoctrinated into schoolchildren. American's still believe that!
2008-07-02 02:55:43
It is illegal here too, but he's driving a BMW ... so he doesn't have to follow the rules.
2008-07-02 02:32:25
By the license plate, this is somewhere in California. Everywhere I know of, parking in front of a fire hydrant is illegal. So, this guy gets whatever damage the hose might cause as his just desserts.
2008-07-01 20:22:36
That's farking beautiful.