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Old Comments:

2009-06-25 02:51:28
Now your feelings are hurt. I'm sorrrrrrrrry. By the way, why don't you post some of your photos from your hiking trips? That would beat all this political crap to pieces and share some of that beautiful country with the rest of the world. As nice as these "Internet" photos are, I tend to like some of the member photos better. Heck, sometimes I haunt the "down-voted" area and find things that are grand but for whatever reason, given (in my opinion) negative ratings.
2009-06-24 23:32:57
Yep... you nailed it there, ol' Bud...must be that danged ol' elitest character flaw of mine that causes me to fail to see the aesthetic merits of that Impeach Obama sign...and I hereby promise to try and lighten up and stop makin' so many deep, dark, gloomy and heavy-handed comments...for the next 7 years and 3 months :p
2009-06-24 23:09:59
Gosh,'re absolutely could I have failed to appreciate the artistic merit of that brilliantly conceived and masterfully executed 'Impeach Obama' sign? It's a true work of genius..clever, amusing and visually stimulating, while at the same time deeply moving and inspirational...just what people round the world come to pixdaus to see...and I know that you'll be rewarded in heaven for pointing out to all the good folks here what a low-down, sorry, good-for-nothin' non-contributin' librul skunk I am, makin' snide and nasty comments about all the beautiful and inspirational works that decent, God-fearin' clean-livin' red-blooded patriotic Americans like you post here..took someone with your deep, penetrating intellect and keen insight to spot that...Well, it's been fun, but I gotta get goin'..have a busy day ahead pushin' little old ladies in front of buses, peddlin' dope down at the Junior High, and puttin' up Che Guevera posters....then there's the weekly meeting of the local Jane Fonda Chapter of the Hate America Club...but one thing, might want to come up with a better pejorative phrase than "pants load of baloney".. some folks might construe that as a compliment..wink wink, nudge nudge..
2009-06-24 19:36:48
I'll have you know that we Frenchies do not say 'ze' for 'the'. We say 'de'.
2009-06-24 15:58:00
Patito, maybe you need to extend your newly-found love of art to the comments sections. I recall the photo of the lady with the funnel in her mouth, and yep, there it was: Bush=torture=Hitler-Halliburton, blah, blah, blaaaaah. I didn't respond because it always denigrates into the same circular argument that goes back to the dawn of man, the Fall, etc. Yes, I'm guilty of engaging in political diatribes. I'm oil and you're water, but you're a pretty good ol' guy, but reading your comments above, I laughed (scared my cats outta the room!). It is funny that most of the Bush is dumb posts contained no admonishments of the posters. Anyway, who really gives a rat's ass, right? Because didn't Claude Monet also say, "Who in ze hell is posting my stuff on ze Internet?" Also, stating things like, "especially provocative statements lacking any compensating aesthetic or photographic merit" is more revealing of an elitist character flaw than a person who believes in freedom of expression, which after all is at the core of art or other forms of expression. Come on... lighten up for the next 3 years, 7 months.
2009-06-17 13:17:15
Well I did a search for - George - Bush - War - Politics - Republican - and Iraq. And all of the pics that were bashing Bush and the ones that you did comment on. There was never any mention of you telling the posters that this was a place for nature pics and not for political opinions. And that they should not post that type of picture. What I did find was your own bloated opinions and you adding to the other bashers and how you agreed with them. Also your long winded three paragraph comments, no matter what the subject, are all quite similar to each other. You'll start off with "He's a good enough fella and I used to like him BUT! You are a true pants load of baloney. Better than that your time spent here on Pixdaus shows you to be a true liberal. A.K.A. contributes nothing (no pics posted) Tell people you don't agree with that they are wrong and they should change their way or they are an idiot (Mean foul comments). Yet your user page if stocked full of pics marked favorites (Taking without giving) Now if you don't mind I have some Make fun of Barry pics to find.
2009-06-16 21:34:31
Actually, Abe, if you think real hard you might be able to recall that on several occasions I posted comments suggesting it was time to lay off makin' fun of poor ol' George, and that comparing him to Hitler, as was popular here at one time, was ignorant and silly....maybe you forgot about those comments,or maybe you've been workin' too hard tryin' to memorize those Quotations From Chairman Rush ...
2009-06-16 11:42:01
Funny how when it was only Bush bashing pics nobody really complained. Hmn? Go figure.
2009-06-16 01:05:10
VOTE ROMNEY/PALIN in 2012! Bring unity and decency back to America!