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Posted By:peasant

Old Comments:

2011-02-26 08:02:01
I did not ask sepia be put on tag, I just said it was sepia not b&w. Maybe pez not put b&w under tag because it is not b&w. Say it right and do it right dear poppy. As the great pixdaus monitor, maybe you can tell your masters at pixdaus to make categories alphabetical. must easier for simple people like me.
2011-02-26 06:24:50
You will not find 'sepia' as a category on the right. The tags are all about categories, dear. So do it right next time, do it right.
2011-02-26 04:54:51
not b&w, its sepia dont guess or assume
2011-02-26 00:37:45
hehehe I know that it's not natural but I had to post this because of his face expression.
2011-02-25 23:32:18
This is not a natural photograph ! On the other hand, I've heard there are people like that in Arkansas :)