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Posted By:GillyRoze

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2008-09-17 08:53:05
2008-09-17 05:54:53
It is not ALWAYS the matter of CHOOSING where to live, it is mostly the matter of where you were born, where your family is, where your history is.... Your view is very narrow, Greg. Some people DO NOT HAVE THE CHOICE OF WHERE THEY WANT TO LIVE! (poverty, etc.) Lack of wisdom? Please. Think again.
2008-09-17 05:34:01
It seems to me that if someone chooses to live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc. that they assume the financial responsibility for these occurrences. No one hopes these things will happen, but they are known risks. I believe in compassion and caring for those dealing with devastation of these types of situations. However, to foist upon the public taxpayer the cost of dealing with this is, I believe, both immoral and un-Constitutional. Whether it is poor folks in New Orleans whose houses are below sea level, or a bit more well-to-do people living in Galveston or other beach-front areas on the Gulf Coast - why must everyone else pay for their lack of wisdom. Again - I'm not arguing against compassion. What I'm arguing against is forcing tax-payers to bail them out (or to bail out industries or companies that mis-managed their finances, etc.). P.S. Lest people misunderstand, we are hosting people from Houston right now (I'm in Austin), but this is *voluntary* - not *forced* by the government.
2008-09-17 04:10:06
I sure hope Patito is OK on the Gulf Coast!
2008-09-17 00:41:35
the intensity and frequency of hurricanes have risen sharply in the last decade as a result of global warming. Katrinas and Ikes are becoming more and more common. hence coastal building patterns and practices will evolve--less building, stronger building. and insurance practices are evolving. soon you'd have to be very stupid, or very rich, to build on the Gulf Coast. but it will be a long time before a significant change in the culture. i shall now eat my mexican take-out. good day.
2008-09-16 12:16:33
There goes the neighbourhood - literally!
2008-09-16 11:44:40
It has turned into a business. People actually do this on purpose and make a more than comfortable living as a result.
2008-09-16 08:51:34
Have you seen Patito?
2008-09-16 08:27:49
I suppose it is going to be us tax payers who bail out the people who built on the coast in hurricane territory. As is clear from the photo, houses can be built to withstand the force. But why bother when someone else will give you a new house in a few years?