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Old Comments:

2010-04-25 15:57:51
No I didn't. I recently mentioned under a comment that I had mispelled my username under a caption - Bonnie instead of Connie; I commented that I would ask Pixdaus if they could fix it. I had barely sent the e-mail that it was fixed. I think that someone, or more than one, has the power from Pixdaus to amend captions. It's not a bad thing at all, as long as it's not misused, and, so far, it hasn't been. I'm not surprised it's doing so well, and should get a lot more votes as it moves down the line. It's an excellent shot of a volcano in action...where you can't get that close. The photographer did an incredible job with his/her long range/zoom lens. The colours are crisp, you see fire and smoke, snow capped mountains, and Aurora Borealis. Yet, with all that, the volcano is still the focul point. This volcano is front-page news all over the world. The province of Quebec in Canada is starting to get ashes...that far! It's just now that planes have partially resumed flying.
2010-04-25 14:59:56
Thanks Connie, the caption HAS been fixed since I last looked at it. I didn't ask for it, did you? The photo seems to be doing pretty good in the voting after a rocky start.
2010-04-24 15:01:57
Quest - you could ask Pixdaus to correct your caption. I asked them once and they did it...or someone else did.
2010-04-24 14:12:53
Great shot!
2010-04-24 13:46:10
It should read: Iceland: The Northern Lights above the ash plume of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Sorry about the duplicate, I was attempting to correct the spelling (adding the "I") and didn't realize that it had posted.