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Old Comments:

2010-04-19 23:56:08
...corrections: 'friends' and people's. Transposing letters seems to be a hobby of mine. ;-)
2010-04-19 23:52:49
Using 'firends' as a general term? Poppycock. - Now, that's funny! I should say conniecock, since she wrote it. ;-) Why would your friends donwvote your pics? - You're right, I no longer vote for your pics (I said so above), but I DO vote lots for other poeple's pics.
2010-04-19 04:52:45
I was not referring to you nor Patito. I was using 'friends' as a general term. Now, I wonder why you reacted so defensively. I don't think you vote for my uploads and also not for others. So, please do continue to ignore my uploads.
2010-04-18 20:06:24
Will you not EVER stop with your wild assumptions? I cannot speak for 'your friends' (reference to Patito's comment elsewhere), but I can and will speak for me: I have not downvoted this pic. - I used to be one of the biggest UPvoters of your pics, nut now I leave them strictly alone.
2010-04-18 06:09:03
I see my 'friends' are downvoted this photo. Have fun ;-)
2010-04-17 18:46:36
No, Tommy boy, that's not what I mean. The photographer said it was L'Islande and that is French for Iceland. Any other smart ass comment? :-)
2010-04-17 18:31:19
Don't you mean Finland, Einstein?