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Old Comments:

2009-02-16 12:51:17
Each time I see this I want a Sundae in a cup.
2009-02-16 09:43:30
What a coincidence; I was going to post this photo next!! Great photo huh ;-) So, here's the information I was going to add: Icebergs in the Antarctic area sometimes have stripes, formed by layers of snow that react to different conditions. Blue stripes are often created when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with meltwater and freezes so quickly that no bubbles form. When an iceberg falls into the sea, a layer of salty seawater can freeze to the underside. If this is rich in algae, it can form a green stripe. Brown, black and yellow lines are caused by sediment, picked up when the ice sheet grinds downhill towards the sea.