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Posted By:No Name

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2010-05-28 18:18:39
Thank you Pomme de Terre. An interesting name you are using, meaning 'apple of the earth'. Is this French for potato? There is a river in Kansas named the 'Pomme de Terre', however when it crosses the border and flows in Missouri the name is changed to 'Osage River'. The 'Osage' were an Indian tribe that lived in the area, but I have no idea how a river in Kansas would have gotten a French name.
2010-05-28 00:26:54
It is Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. . They have an snow sculpture festival there each winter and this was created for that a couple of years back.
2010-05-27 23:40:57
Such detailed beauty. Someone with an architectural background perhaps?
2010-05-27 23:26:14
It looks like Chateau Frontenac. So perhaps it's in Canada, eh ?
2010-05-27 23:01:25
2010-05-27 16:57:26
I am not sure just where this is Skip, perhaps Sweden, and I have no idea how long it took to build it. The photo is from the winter of 2009.
2010-05-27 13:45:22
So creative, I wonder how long it took to do that, and I think it must be sad to watch them melt.