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Old Comments:

2011-05-12 05:54:55
and you're right they are adorable.
2011-05-12 05:53:44
When I first saw this picture I though they were colored balls you buy in the craft store. Upon closer inspection I realized they were chicks. Who would have thought to inject them with food coloring. I wonder if you could do that with human. I would like to be pink please!!!!
2011-05-09 16:41:49
She lives on a ranch in Durango, CO., and each year she dose 900 baby Chicks for sale on Easter. She injects the eggs with Food-Coloring, and when they hatch they are brilliant with color. She uses Pink, Yellow, Purple, Green, Red, Turquoise and White. Thet aren't hurt by the process, and as they grow they return to their natural color. They are so darn cute. Wouldn't you just love to grab a handful of these little puff-balls..