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Old Comments:

2008-05-21 04:58:14
At first I thought the horizontal bit above the neck was the head, but just under and to the left of that is part of a face making the rest hair. At first I thought it was a body with the head of a snake or dinosaur. It's still very ominous, though. Does anyone know the sculptor or where or when the photo was taken, specifically?
2008-04-01 10:15:37
Have you ever heard of a religion that is actually spiritual?
2008-03-31 15:49:57
Amen to that! It's like lyrics to one of my songs: "religion get out of the way/ let God do the talkin." I'm so tired of worldly religion, what ever happened to faith?
2008-03-30 01:43:01
I am confused. How can more of his followers not look at how these people live compared to the Biblical teachings of humility and not see a problem? Non-Christians can see this blatant discrepancy, and it hurts Christianity's image as a whole.
2008-03-29 23:40:02
not a reptilian being....just the Pope.
2008-03-29 21:57:19
its sick i think...
2008-03-29 21:50:18
What is that thing? Looks like some kind of Reptilian being.
2008-03-29 20:43:12
This symbolises Hell and is confirmation that the Vatican worships Lucifer, their real god.
2008-03-29 17:49:09
Yes, it was taken in the Paul VI audience hall