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Old Comments:

2010-05-23 22:47:43
Ahhh, but how often would you give your cat an ice cream bar ? How many times a week would that be ? If it's every so often, then no harm done, but if it's on a regular basis, then it's not a good idea to do that. Ice cream contains lactose as well and some cats cannot digest that. My cats cannot drink normal milk so I give them milk made especially for cats. It has no lactose in it. Also the sugar in the ice cream would make them fat and that could lead to diabetes and heart conditons. I would imagine that ice cream would be loaded with sugar...
2010-05-23 20:21:46
I just looked at the ice cream bars that I keep in the freezer for my grandson. They read 'chocolate flavored' coating and then in the fine print it reads 'does not contain chocolate'. It is the theobromine in chocolate that is toxic to dogs and it is dangerous because dogs really love the taste of chocolate and will 'pig out on it' if given the chance. 150 mg per kg of body weight is the dangerous level. Nothing is known about the toxicity of chocolate to cats, but no cat would ever consume this level. Theobromine is quickly flushed out of the blood system so there is no accumulative affect. I cannot understand why ice-cream might be considered dangerous. It would seem to me that the worst thing in either might be the sugar. If I had a cat I would have no qualms about giving it an ice-cream bar. I am sure that it would do the cat less harm than it does my grandson.
2010-05-22 18:14:17
No problem, PictureGirl, I just passed along info that I noticed. I had, and do not have, any expectations for votes on this photo. I just came across the photo, thought it might be cute, and passed it along. It is very unfortunate that in my country there are many poor and impoverished citizens that are forced to eat 'cat food' that is not considered suitable for human consumption while in other countries people are so concerned about their cats that they keep them from foods that are considered suitable for human consumption...
2010-05-22 17:29:17
I'm sorry about that, Feline Poster. I did not say what I said to influence how others voted on your photo. I wish that had not of happened. I hope that the votes will go up on it again soon....
2010-05-22 17:25:53
That's ok, Feline Poster. I wasn't trying to be a wet blanket and if I came across as so, I apologize to you. It's just that one of my cats isn't at an ideal weight. She doesn't walk around much and just lazes around. My vet told me to cut down her food, but it's hard to do that. She is always looking forward to her next meal. I don't feed her that much. My other cat gets the same amount of food as the other cat does and she is basically at an ideal weight, because she likes to run around a little. (She leaves the wildlife alone though). My vet told me that if they get overweight, then you have to watch out for illnesses like kidney disease and diabetes. Then the medical bills get way out of control. That is what I was really trying to say before, just to watch out what you give to your cat. I'm glad that your cat enjoyed the ice cream. The popcycle is just basically made of water, isn't it ? If so, then I think it would be ok to give that to Nutria. Hope that he enjoys it.... :)
2010-05-22 17:20:07
By the way your comments really do seem to have a major effect on viewers. When I uploaded this photo it went very quickly up to +8, in a manner of hours. However, since your comment it apparently has only seen negative votes and has dropped down to 0. Not that I really care, since I just posted it for fun anyway.
2010-05-22 17:15:45
Thank you for letting me know, PictureGirl, my cat really did love this ice-cream bar and, according to the ingredients on the wrapper, their is no 'real' chocolate in the product. I do hope it will be alright to give my pet nutria the popcycle as he really is looking forward to it.
2010-05-21 13:55:10
Giving ice cream occasionally maybe ok to give to cats (by occasionally, I mean every blue moon), but giving chocolate isn't a good idea. I know for dogs, to give them chocolates that we humans eat, is a big no-no... :(