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Posted By:eyewitness

Old Comments:

2010-01-08 04:57:05
...and the next never-seen-before Pixdaus visitor who is a BIG patito fan!!! Two one-comment-fans only in this area! patito need to invent supporters!!! Isn't it sad? Poor boy!
2010-01-08 04:51:27
You'll have to wait if patito need this pic for his troll activities again...
2010-01-08 04:44:59
Yeah, 'Leon Redbone' you sucking cunt! Hahaha! patito you chicken-shit! Here are no "patito fans"! You have to invent them!! You are really a great L*O*S*E*R!!! Haha...
2010-01-08 04:44:24
I'm gonna repost this picture tomorrow because it's cool picture! Over&out 4 today...
2010-01-08 04:39:08
yeah, right...everybody else in the whole world is poor dumb schmuck
2010-01-08 04:36:55
because he's a pussy...
2010-01-08 04:35:11
Why can't you take a simply compliment as a man?
2010-01-08 04:29:43
Ah, there he is: the one-comment-patio-fan! And all comments always up or downvoted with 4! Your troll activities are so inconspicuous, patito! Congrats! Nobody will ever notice that it's you! L*O*S*E*R!!!
2010-01-08 04:23:18
Why am I not surprised that peasant added his two pence? One of the next will be a one-comment-patito-fan... and so on... YAWN!
2010-01-08 04:20:08
"Not I am really angry ..." Huh ? Where'd you learn to speak English..? Bulgaria ?
2010-01-08 04:15:42
Cool picture!
2010-01-08 04:12:46
Oooo! Not I am really angry, patito. YOU are really angry! What happen next? Delete some pics again? Boost other pics (like from poppy or 'CandidCamera')? Upload other troll pics like this? You are THE Pixdaus L*O*S*E*R par excellence!!