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Old Comments:

2008-08-23 00:58:23
Thank you, Lilly. I appreciate you, too!
2008-08-22 23:39:34
you are such a poet , even though they belong to another , you have the in site to recognize the beauty from within ! Thanks poppy , I appreciate you !!!
2008-08-22 18:05:26
“The way the river runs shows the path in which we should all go, / Never straying away, / 'Cause what we do today influences our tomorrow, / So let's not bring sorrow. // The way the river runs is the path to a better place, / With much grace, / So let's take a moment and think... / Think back on our past and what we could have done.” --- from “The Way the River Runs” by Kathryn Miller. --- Thanks, Lilly! The water might be a lake and not a river, but...