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Old Comments:

2011-10-13 11:36:44
You are very welcome, Nifty... :)
2011-10-13 10:07:39
Nice pic though
2011-10-13 09:31:52
Thanks to all for the comments and information.
2011-10-13 06:08:59
Here is a link to some info on Sawflies.....
2011-10-13 06:06:24
I thought that these caterpillars might be the larvae of Sawfly or known by another name.... spitfires. I maybe wrong though, but they look an awful lot like them. They like to congregate in eucalyptus trees....
2011-10-13 04:52:19
Many times in my travels in the Outback I've seen herds of these being driven to market by the famous Australian catterpillar boys. At night the caterpillar boys ride slowly around the herd singing to them, to keep them from stampeding.
2011-10-13 02:01:17
I've seen caterpillars similar in Canberra in 'herds' of 50 or so crawling along the ground - never found out what they become.