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Old Comments:

2009-06-03 19:48:10
hey.. I'm just here because of fear not to miss some cool picture. Reputation is bonus. I don't care what people think about me. I give, and I take some picture. Sharing picture. That is idea of this site, isn't is? I'm not here to find some friends or enemys, just pictures. akka you know who... :)
2009-06-03 16:02:42
That's bad news dud. Mirco-rossi, Patito's most excellent friend, tends to upload porn photos. You're going to get a bad reputation hanging around with him.
2009-06-03 11:49:13
Knock off the booze patito!! You're seeing things again.
2009-06-03 01:11:10
if I enter in your nick again I WILL post some picture, that is for shure. Some nice picture of landscape of course. I'm not a troll or new be...I'm a middle be. :) akka zmih, sea lemon, pon, ned,...
2009-06-02 21:45:56
hehe funnny... really funny. next time I will upload some picture with your nick.
2009-06-02 21:37:45
Really weird stuff going on..earlier this morning I tried to write a comment and my computer monitor jumped off my desk, chased my cat under the couch, pissed on a chair leg, then jumped out the window and ran down the street barking...managed to run it down and get it back where it's supposed to be..gonna try again now...DAMN ! There it goes again...come back here you little sonofabitch !!!....gotta run, folks....will get back to you later.....
2009-06-02 21:19:54
now I was Feeli( ?!?), of course not by my will.
2009-06-02 21:13:27
wtf??? I just entered in patito nick when I try to read comment on some picture, and when I try to go to "my picture" I was logged of!!!??? didn't do nothing with his nick!!
2009-06-02 20:19:19
It's my situation too, since this friday.. I think that micro entered with my nick ... I'm not shure, but I appologise if "I wrote" any bad comment.
2009-06-01 01:18:59
Probably you obtained so bad vote(s) because people, in front of you "picture", thought it was another time about "cheating". And no read your comment. Maybe you try again/one more time with another "picture". To have an answer at your question ... Did you see/have you seen/noted ? Today even poppy met a problem about a reply on comment she sent "twice". But she didn't.( I had yesterday the same problem with one reply to connie. ) I don't know how to "enter in contact" with the webmaster(s) of the site when we meet some disfunctionaries ... I don't imagine they have time to read all the comments. How to tell them ?
2009-05-30 22:00:06
Here it is again- attached to a new name - Whats going on???? HELP!!!! FAQS/IMAGES/red-question-mark.pngnickname: wondering ,mirco.rossi Is this happening to anyone else??
2009-05-30 21:56:45
When I upload a pic under my real name, at the top where it gives the long sequence of numbers of the pic I just put in , it says uploaded by -my name followed by , mirco.rossi --WHY? What is that? Why is mirco attached to my name? Does anyone know why he is attached to my name? I just checked and when I vote for pic it looks like he gets a vote too. How can I unattach him from my file? Does anyone know what is going on with that?????