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Old Comments:

2011-01-19 07:55:46
This comment went to the wrong place.... :(
2011-01-19 07:54:11
Many thanks, Coy. And you are very welcome. I believe that Poppy found the right name for this plant too in identifying it to be Uncarina Grandidieri. The flowers are too smooth textured in the photo above to be Tecoma. Many thanks Poppy for finding out the name of this flower. Forever grateful to you.
2011-01-19 07:50:37
Not to worry, COY. That's ok... :)
2011-01-19 02:57:36
P.G. I forgot to answer your question about the web site, I do not remember the web site from which I found this photo. I do remember that descriptions as well os the photographer was not mentioned on any of them...
2011-01-19 01:28:02
Many thanks P.G. and Poppy for all the work that you both have done in attemting ti ID. this flower. I believe that Poppy has it with the UncarinaGrandidieri (Succulent sesame). It looks to close to be anything else.In the description of the Succulent Sesame the Stout stems are mentioned and that it drops its leaves when dormant.Perhaps this is a bush or shub that blooms before the leaves reappear.Not unusual in the plant world.I had noticed the stout stems and that is why I did so much searching under Flowing bushes and shubs, but I am not as good at that as you and Poppy are. Thanks a lot ladies.
2011-01-17 21:47:07
I think that the photo of this flower is very misleading. It doesn't give you much info to go on, leaf wise and of the plant's characteristics. When I attended horticultural school back in 2001, they taught me that to identify a flower, you look at the different shapes of the flower and the leaf, plus how the plant behaves as well, if you know what I mean by that. I wish that COY would've given us also the website that he found this picture from. It would really help out alot. Please COY, would you be able to supply that ? Many thanks. And many thanks again Poppy for helping out with this. Hope your day is going along well... :)
2011-01-17 21:40:58
The only problem with Uncarina is that they don't seem to flower in such a tight and abundant cluster... but as there are no leaves visible, perhaps more than one bunch was clumped together to be photographed... Don't you wish that photographers would tell us what we are supposed to be looking at? Out in nature, every time I see a plant or a flower I have not seen before, I find out what it is. Oh well, not everyone is nuts about flowers like you and I are. ;-)
2011-01-17 21:24:36
And how on earth did you find that particular flower too ? That's very good work on your part, Poppy. Many thanks for doing that... :)
2011-01-17 21:22:13
Many thanks for the links, Poppy. That is very kind of you to provide them all. It sure looks like Uncarina grandidieri to me in COY's post rather than Tecoma. What do you think ?
2011-01-17 21:12:32
Uncarina grandidieri (Pedaliaceae family) has the dark centres.
2011-01-17 20:54:55
Sorry Poppy. Guess this has me really stumped... :(
2011-01-17 20:53:15
The main flower looks as though it has 6 petals.... :)
2011-01-17 20:51:27
The flowers in Coy's picture have 6 petals? I can only see 5. ;-)
2011-01-17 16:30:47
Another thing I have noticed about the petals... in the Tecoma photos, the petals protude from the middle to the bottom. The flowers in COY's post have the same level of the petals, no protusion. Sorry Poppy to say all of this but I still am not convinced that this is the Tecoma plant. Many thanks again....
2011-01-17 16:19:47
Hi Poppy, Many thanks for your reply and your efforts in trying to ID this flower. I'm kind of wondering, the links that you have put here and the ones that I've viewed for myself with my own searches, feature the flowers as having 5 petals. The flowers in COY's post clearly have 6 petals. Plus, the centres are very dark. There are no leaves in this picture to help make a positive ID. As you say, the flowers here look as though someone has just placed them over the ferns. It's still a mystery to me, unfortunately. Many thanks again, Poppy..... :)
2011-01-17 15:29:01
I am pretty sure the flowers are Tecoma stans (common names: Yellow Trumpetbush, Yellow Bells, Yellow Elder, Ginger-thomas, Esperanza) because they grow in clusters which Allamanda don’t, and the petal shapes in the Tecoma flowers are the same as in this picture. The leaves/fronds behind the flower cluster have nothing to do with the flowers, it seems that the cluster was either photoshopped onto another picture or the photographer put the flower cluster on another plant to photograph it… See this pic of Allemanda – they can also be called Yellow Bells – and you’ll see that the flowers don’t match. Yellow Bells again, this time Tecoma.
2011-01-16 13:21:32
COY, do you remember from which website you downloaded this photo from ? It may give a clue as to what this flower might be. Many thanks for that... :)
2011-01-15 20:52:36
That is why I thought that this plant might be Thunbergia also, as that flower is yellow with a dark centre. There are other colours as well to Thunbergia, namely orange. I've already looked online for what this plant might be, as well as in my gardening books....
2011-01-15 20:21:17
I have not seen Allamanda with dark centers. Search the two suggested names on the I-net for photos.
2011-01-15 10:39:36
Thankyou Hosebag. I appreciate your input... :)
2011-01-15 10:21:29
allamanda flowers
2011-01-15 09:50:12
You are very welcome COY and many thanks for your kind words. I would say that this plant IS Allamanda. There is also a bush allamanda, which this plant could be, but I'm certain that Poppy is the one who will give a final positive ID of this plant. Thanks again, COY... :)
2011-01-15 09:42:48
Thanks P.G., you are always so helpful and you are correct about poppy. Perhaps she can spread some light on it...
2011-01-15 09:27:53
I know for sure that this plant is a climber. I think it might be between Thunbergia or Allamanda. I'll keep on doing some research but I really think Poppy is the one for a positive ID for this plant. Sorry I can't give you an ID quickly with this, COY...
2011-01-15 09:20:21
They sure ARE pretty, Coy. You certainly have an eye for beauty. I will try my best to find out what these flowers are called, but I really think Poppy is the best person to give the best identification with this... :)