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Old Comments:

2011-09-09 14:51:32
Work? How? I don't understand your question. I was referring to the fact that if you make a search on the photographer's name by writing it in the search bar, Luna's pic will not come up, only yours will. And if you click on Luna's tag "by iveta novotna", all you get is Luna's pic and yours will not come up. Even if Luna had separated the "by" from the "iveta novotna" with a comma, other novotna pics would not come up. Go to Tinkerbell's pic of the two labs (in newly posted) and click on "scott cromwell" in the tags and you'll get all the pics that have that name in the tags. Then go to the search bar at the top of the page and enter "scott cromwell" and you'll get a different set of Cromwell's pics, those that have that name in the title. All the author names should be placed at the top with the title, so that when anyone wishes to make a search on an author name, then all the photos by that author will show. As the search system now stands, it is practically useless. So, whether you bother to carry out a search or not, the chances of duplicating an existing pic is very high.
2011-09-09 13:05:19
I don't quite remember what that was about, Feline Poster. In what way do we differ in how we care for our cats ? I thankyou for your kind comments about me in that you admire me and that the pics I post don't harm this site. I try. Mind you, there has been over 100 pics that I've posted that didn't become popular. But hey, that's ok. I don't expect everyone to like the same things as I do. Thankyou again Feline Poster for your kindness. I hope your day/night is going along well. Take care.... :)
2011-09-09 11:32:33
Don't the tags work if they are typed in correctly with the proper use of commas?
2011-09-09 11:31:05
Sorry about reposting this. It was unintentional and I had no idea. I did a search on Pixdaus under the photographers name and the photo title and nothing came up. To search under 'cat' or 'kitten' was impossible as their are far too many entries here. I evidently missed the previous posting, however, I am currently only on Pixdaus 2 or 3 times a month.
2011-09-09 11:26:52
Thank you for your comments K9 Poster. My original posts were of a frivolous nature as well and I really didn't expect to still be using this name for well over a year. One of my initial intentions was to kind of tease PictureGirl who, from her comments last year, has an entirely different attitude towards caring for her cats than I do for mine. But this was all intended in a good natured way, for I do admire PictureGirl and her pictures that do far more good than harm to this site. As for you and me, I think that it would be safe to say that we are as different as CATS & DOGS.
2011-09-09 08:12:19
I'm very sorry, Feline Poster, but I suspect that one reason for your up-loads being voted down is that you are being confused with me. I did notice that all of your up-loaded photos yesterday were being voted down, just as most of mine have been over the past couple of months. During the last two months I have been the subject of quite a bit of speculation and have been accused of a number of sordid things that I am completely innocent of. It was your initial success in up-loading photos of cats under the name of 'Feline Poster' that inspired me to first take and use the name of 'K9 Poster a year ago last June. When I first did this it was strictly in fun, however, it worked out well and the photos were quite successful, so I continued to use the name.
2011-09-09 07:06:58
The photographer's name did not come up because Luna placed it in the tags. Keeps the photographers off her/his back, too :)
2011-09-09 06:25:26
I agree with Kate87, whoever you are. This photo was posted a couple of days ago; I even forwarded it to my great-niece. Most folks would remember it, and I assume that is why it was downvoted. That IS strange that you did not find it when you searched all the way back. This site is getting weirder and weirder. I agree that the voting on the comments is a big strange; but, that's usually the case with the comments and photos.
2011-09-09 06:02:27
And it is very strange that my previous comment has been downvoted by -9 and yours been upvoted by +10.
2011-09-09 06:00:24
Are you sure about that Kate87? I am unable to find this if it was indeed posted previously to Pixdaus. I have searched all of the way back through the last two weeks of postings, also nothing under the photographers name 'Iveta Novotna' or the photo title 'I can't believe they are taking photos again'. Perhaps you are confusing a posting on Pixdaus with a posting somewhere else. I don't think that this is the reason that this photo has been voted down in any case. Several other photos, that were up-loaded yesterday and are obviously reposts, have received very good up-votes in spite of this fact.
2011-09-08 13:31:37
Posted just one or two days before!
2011-09-08 13:08:55
It is incredible that the votes for this photo went from +3 to -7 in a period of 15 minutes. I can't help but wonder, what is wrong with the photo? I found this photo on, where it received a great deal of praise. Oh well at the rate it is going it will be -13 and lost from Pixdaus in a matter of minutes from now. Last year almost all 'cat' photos did very well here and quite a few that I feel are nowhere as good as this one received very high marks between +50 and +100.