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Old Comments:

2010-06-04 05:38:54
You've made some valid points, PixdausLover, but I wonder how and why a photo of a plate of nachos or a cheeseburger is any less a 'nature photo' than a picture of a kitten? And how about the shots of quaint neighborhoods in old European cities, or castles, or railroad engines, or rustic inns, or the ever-popular shots of Santorini? Do those qualify as 'nature' photography? I believe most of us tend to post photos of things we ourselves like or are interested in, and there are many shots posted here every day of things in which I am not the least bit interested, but I don't downvote them for that reason because I think that to do so would reflect a narow, constricted and provincial set of aesthetic values. I wish we could all try be more tolerant of each other and a bit less judgemental in our voting behavior.
2010-06-04 02:49:32
thank you skip
2010-06-04 02:31:31
It's a very cute pic bogdan! unfortunately, I think it's being downvoted because it was taken from your file, anyway you posted some good pics!
2010-06-04 01:53:56
This poster and many others seem to be posting pictures straight from pixdaus files....that cuts out much of the work.....searching for pictures....and also they give no credits to the photographers....the lazy way to do things. Also the overload of food pictures is becoming annoying....once in awhile it's nice to have a change but the main attraction to this site is nature photography, Birds, landscapes, animals etc. It's just considerate to take your viewers into account, and if pictures are being voted down it might be because you are over doing it.
2010-06-04 01:37:45
hey, what are you doing? this is my picture, why are you uploading someone's else picture?