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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2010-09-20 02:05:50
Take a class in Photoshop and you'll do a better job next time putting photos together.
2010-08-22 13:18:31
It is pretty obvious to me that this photo is a composite of two photos that were combined using photoshop. (1) The whale was photographed with a shallow depth of field in order to stop the action. It would have taken a very large and very expensive lens to do this without putting the background in rather poor focus. (2) The photograph of the mountains, and area beyond the shoreline, shows a deep depth of field. The water front glacier and the distant mountains in almost the same focus. Quite likely, a very good photo of a breaching whale was taken, but the background not so hot. So, the photographer changed the background with another image to make it more interesting. I am apologizing in advance for using a one-time only alias name with this comment. However, I learned my lesson about this previously. My comments posted above represent my opinion and anybody is welcome to disagree with them. However this is not what happens. Instead of disagreeing with them, some users will dislike them and because of that will dislike me and will downvote any photo that I might post. This happened to me before, when I made a comment using a more recognizable name, and to get my uploads back on track, I had to change names.
2010-08-22 03:51:24
I have been to the Marjorie Glacier a few times and talked to many people who have also been there many times. No one has ever seen any whales there. It's a dead end with no food and cruise ships. To find a Humpback there is already difficult. To find a breaching Humpback with such a high leap is more than a miracle. Is there more involved here in this photo?