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Old Comments:

2009-09-13 12:03:06
Skillful! :)
2009-03-04 01:53:49
I wasn't attempting to download other fantasy art yesterday. The photo is title 'Hummingbird Trumpet', so I wanted to download a photo of a hummingbird (which I did), an angel (didn't work), trumpet flowers (didn't work), and a photo of a boat with a girl in it going to the mystery island looking for the illusive trumpets which I managed to upload, but it took forever. That's my idea of a series - taking what is in a photo and uploading similar, same theme ;-)
2009-03-03 21:10:15
Don't give up on attempting to download others in this series, I would like to see them. Failing that, if they are on another site maybe you could post the address
2009-03-03 15:54:31
A nice piece of work!
2009-03-03 13:37:34
I'm not generally a great fan of fantasy art, but some are good. This photo was part of a series, which included angel's trumpet (flowers) and anothr one a hummingbird. But,I can't download any photos now!!
2009-03-03 13:07:38
Beautiful picture Connie , I'm glad it didn't get booed off the stage.Fantasy art doesn't seem to do well at pixdaus . I Love it myself . Hopefully we'll see more of them .
2009-03-03 11:24:32
Angel's Trumpet is a common name for two closely related genera in the Solanaceae family: Brugmansia - comprising woody plants with pendulous flowers Datura - comprising herbaceous plants with erect flowers Good old wikipedia
2009-03-03 11:16:11
Looks like EXTREMELY potent psychedelic..not to messed with by novices or amateurs....
2009-03-03 11:13:55
Thanks skip. I have tried several photos but none will upload!!
2009-03-03 11:04:32
connie this is so romantic, you will have those guys after you again!!
2009-03-03 11:00:21
Drats...I'm stuck. The rest of the series will not upload.