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Old Comments:

2010-04-15 18:07:08
This is magnificent! Glancing at it quickly, I thought it was beadwork. - I have never heard of this method, very interesting; thanks, Andover1!
2010-04-13 21:26:35
Merci. J'ai compris :-)
2010-04-13 21:19:18
The Huichol are an indigenous Native American people who live in the mountains of Western Central Mexico. They are only marginally assimilated into main-stream Mexican culture, and most, if they speak Spanish at all, speak it as a second language. Enter 'Huichol' in your search engine and you will find many sources of information. Enter 'Huichol Yarn Paintings' and you will find more. And now, something in French: Nom de plume...pomme de terre..Renault Dauphine...laissez le bon temps rouler !
2010-04-13 16:34:40
Beautiful colours. And very interesting. May we have the link to know more about it ? And maybe something in French !
2010-04-13 09:47:59
These are made by coating a flat wooden board with with a layer of wax, then pieces of colored yarn are pressed into the wax.