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2010-05-10 00:29:41
...AAArrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh....!!!!!!!!!!! : )
2010-05-09 18:10:43
The Three Little Pigs were so lazy they hated to work. They wouldn't hold jobs as a carpenter, cleaner or clerk. Instead they were burglars who broke into houses to steal. They took all the jewelry and artwork that they could conceal. When building their house they refused to use mortar and bricks. They wouldn't construct it with lumber or even with sticks. They couldn't be bothered with metal or plastic or glass. The pigs were so lazy they built it with bundles of grass. Well one night the piglets decided to steal from the palace. They broke in and stole every candlestick, ladle and chalice. They took every painting and rug they could fit down the stairs, and then they went back for the king and the queen's royal chairs. They took all their loot to the neighborhood pawn shop to fence for one hundred thirty eight dollars and seventeen cents. They sold every item they'd taken except for the thrones. And these they took home and positioned right next to the phones. The next day the Sheriff - one B.B. Wolfe - blew down their house, and found the two chairs that they took from the king and his spouse. The Three Little Pigs were arrested and taken to jail, to bring to a finish their twisted and sad little tale. Which proves if you build your own house that you ought to use stones. And piglets who live in grass houses should never stow thrones. Kenn Nesbitt