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Posted By:zzanigifs

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2009-06-24 11:00:58
Instructions: 1) Open a new window and open this link... 2) Minimize the window and read my Narration of this pic... NARRATION Space... What do we really know? There is so much yet to be explored! What we know is only a molecule in a room... What we know is our solar system, the planets and the stars around us. What we are talking here is infinity... A distance with no end in sight! What we see is thousands of galaxies and trillions of stars! Each star has a potential solar system! Could there be other forms of life? We cannot be alone! There are mysteries out there that will be answered! Infinity has no boundaries... Weather it is infinitely large or infinitely small we will not have all the answers. But someday, we will all know!
2009-06-24 09:03:23
My head is spinning!
2009-06-10 12:14:59
This crap does not belong on pixdaus. Take it to a slideshowdaus or write a wikipedia article. This site is for pictures. People come here to see pics, not fakes, slideshows, etc.
2009-06-10 09:43:28
Interesting indeed. thanks for posting
2009-06-10 07:11:28
Best animation I've seen in a long time!