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Old Comments:

2011-05-04 10:55:09
Bin Laden is dead, but I rest easier knowing that he lived long enough to see the royal wedding.
2011-05-03 08:32:01
I AGAIN made another error. When his father becomes King (not when he dies), and, if William is made the Prince of Wales (that's not automatic), the Duchess will be called Catherine, Princess of Wales. I write faster than I no more on this subject :)
2011-05-03 08:24:33
I forgot to respond to your comment that whether Diana was called Princess in her own right or not is beside the point. I perhaps misunderstood your comment "...was given the title Princess: HRH The Princess of Wales". She was given the title HRH The Princess of Wales, not Princess Diana, which is a huge difference.
2011-05-03 08:15:07
ANYONE NOT INTERESTED IN THE ROYAL FAMILY...DON'T BOTHER READING THIS – it will bore you :) You are quite right Earl of Nothing; I mixed up the names on a previous comment...but not due to lack of knowledge, just clumsiness. My last comment above is correct and clarifies things about the three children of Prince George. I apologize for the confusion. I'm quite aware that she is not Countess of Cambridge but the Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn (hence my mix-up), and Baroness Carrickfergus. It was an error which I corrected under comment as soon as I uploaded the picture and saw the caption. No use contacting Pixdaus to change it, because they don't respond. I wrote that she is Princess William of Wales instead of Princess William Wales. I was told this by a friend who got the information from the British Consulate. She said that technically she can be called that, but no one will use that style for her, except the British Military's forms/letters, speeches etc when referring to William Wales' wife. I may call the Consulate myself to verify. She is officially HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and that is the title she will use (the highest of the designated titles given to her). Members of the royal family generally do not use surnames. But, on occasion, when they are required to use a surname (marriages, school, military etc), they use the Royal house of Windsor. Because William and Harry's father is the Prince of Wales, they can be known both by the Royal House name and/or by the surname Wales. William and Harry used the surname Wales at school and now use it in the it's Williams Wales and Harry Wales :) When a title of nobility is given, these people are usually addressed in formal circumstances by that title (i.e. Duke of Edinburgh instead of Prince Philip; Duke of Cambridge instead of Prince William, Duke of York instead of Prince Andrew etc etc.) When his father dies, and if William is made the Prince of Wales (that's not automatic), the Duchess will be called Catherine, Princess of Wales. For anyone who is interested - the official web site of the Royal Family and other sites have interesting articles on how the Royal House and family name changed from German to English…. House and Family of Windsor… George V during WW I. After her marriage, the then Princess Elizabeth declared that she and her children would be known as the House and Family of Windsor; also that her descendents would use the Windsor name – not using her husband’s name of Mountbatten. There was some concern that, upon marriage, Prince Philip would want change the Royal House and names to reflect his name. There was in 1952 still get animosity against the Germans. So Philip, who had no surname, renounced all his titles, and he took on the name Mountbatten. It is the Anglicized version of Battenberg that his maternal grandfather had taken during WW I. In 1960, the Queen re-affirmed that she and her children would continue to be known as the House and Family of Windsor. But, she added something new to appease Prince Philip who was still bitter about his children not taking on his adopted name of Mountbatten. She decreed that some* of her descendants who did not have the title of ‘princess’ or the style of ‘Royal Highness’ would bear the surname Mountbatten-Windsor. * by some I mean the agnatic descendents – a simple explanation is on the father or male side Another interesting thing is that technically Camilla is the Princess of Wales. But, because of such strong feelings about Diane and negative opinions of Charles and Camilla, Charles decided not to use that style. Charles, at one time, wanted her to be Queen upon his coronation, but with negatives feelings towards him and Camilla, some say he may have to settle for Consort or something else. I read somewhere that since she will be the spouse of a King, they might be able to give her the royal title of Princess, but I could be very wrong about that. They would have to get permiss
2011-05-02 16:45:44
There’s nothing misleading in Another Royal Fan’s comment. Royal Fan DID confuse Prince Michael of Kent with The Duke of Kent because she said "The commoner who is married the Duke of Kent ... is known as Princess Michael of Kent." Royal fan called The Duchess (first she called her Countess) of Cambridge HRH Princess William of Wales, which she isn't. Whether Diana was called Princess in her own right or not is beside the point because she WAS called HRH Diana, Princess of Wales.
2011-05-02 04:49:42
I did not confuse the two brothers; your comment is misleading. Being a commoner is the key. If not born a prince or princess, one cannot get the title within their own right...only through their spouse. The nobility (ex dukes, earls etc) are technically commoners. They cannot 'become' prince or princesses. You have to be born a prince or princess. HRH Prince Edward - the eldest son of Prince George, Duke of Kent. Upon his father's death he obtained the title Duke of Kent. He married Katharine Worsley, who became HRH Katharine, Duchess of Kent. HRH Prince Michael of Kent - second son of Prince George. He married Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz. She became Princess Michael of Kent...not Princess Marie-Christine. Its Princess Michael because she is not a princess in her own right, only by right of marriage (not born a princess). The have a sister - HRH Princess Alexandra. Diana was never a Princess within her own right as she was not born a Princess. She was HRH Diana, Princess of Wales. Upon her divorce Diana lost the word 'Royal' from her title, and became just Her Highness. The reason is that she obtained the status of 'Royal' only upon her married (not within her own right), so lost it when she divorced. Wikipedia is not a good source of information on most things; anyone can provide an input to Wikipedia. On this subject, it's best to use the Official Site of the British Royal Family and the British Peerage sites and other British government sites.
2011-05-01 18:50:54
Catherine's official title is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, she is not HRH Princess William of Wales. "When a woman marries a prince who does not hold a peerage, she is known as HRH Princess [Her husband's Christian name]." Prince William was conferred the Dukedom prior to marriage, therefore his wife is not HRH Princess William of Wales. Being a commoner has nothing to do with the matter. Royal fan has confused Prince Michael of Kent with The Duke of Kent, the two are different people. HRH The Duke of Kent's wife is called HRH The Duchess of Kent, and HRH Prince Michael of Kent's wife is called HRH Princess Michael of Kent. Diana, on the other hand, was given the title Princess: HRH The Princess of Wales. After her divorce, she lost the HRH status but retained the title Princess of Wales.
2011-05-01 07:48:53
Because she was not born a royal. She is not a princess in her own right. It was the same with Diana; she was not born a royal; she was technically a commoner (she was just nobility...her father being an Earl), so she was HRH Diana, Princess of Wales. But she was always referred wrongly as Princess Diana. The commoner who is married the Duke of Kent (first cousin to the Queen), is known as Princess Michael of Kent.833f3
2011-05-01 04:25:28
Why is she princess "William" and not her own name?
2011-04-30 20:12:30
The most beautiful bride ever!
2011-04-30 14:12:11
William also became Earl of Strathearn and Baron of Carrickfergus. So, Kate will also be Countess of Strathern and Baroness of Carrickfergus.
2011-04-30 14:02:42
Duchess of Cambridge