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Old Comments:

2011-06-03 01:25:44
Single.. WTF? :)
2009-12-01 11:03:06
"Lielie greizie rati" or "Lielais lācis" - in Latvia
2009-11-28 04:45:38
Veliki Voz - In slovenia
2009-10-10 20:39:41
In India, it is addressed "Saptarishi" or "Saptarshi" which means the Seven Rishi's or seven sages (Sanskrit). Each of the seven stars represents a founding sage of Hindu history/mythology. Their names according to the Vedas are Vasiṣṭha, Viśvāmitra, Jamadagni, Gautama, Bharadvāja, Guṅgu, Agastya, and Kaśyapa
2009-10-05 18:14:50
"Mała niedźwiedzica" or "Mały wz" - Poland
2009-08-31 21:15:38
Never seen it before, so we have no name for it. 8-P
2009-08-25 06:58:22
In Catalan the entire constellation is called "L'ssa major". But when talking about the highlighted seven stars we call it "el carro".
2009-07-04 21:02:57
In Sweden it's called "Karlavagnen" or "Stora Bjorn".
2009-06-28 09:07:59
In Czech Republic, we call it "Velky vuz", aka the big cart.
2009-05-22 09:37:26
In Iceland Karlsvagninn, which mean Karl's wagon...
2009-05-05 07:29:45
In Greek it is called Μεγάλη Άρκτος (Big bear) In Greek mythology, Zeus lusts after a young woman named Kallisto, a nymph of Artemis. Hera, Zeus's wife, turns Kallisto into a bear because of her jealousy. Kallisto, while in bear form later encounters her son Arcas. Arcas almost shoots the bear, but to avert the tragedy, Zeus sweeps them both into the sky, forming Ursa Major
2009-04-23 07:20:25
"Ursa Maior" Here in Portugal
2009-04-22 16:55:54
As per ancient Indian belief, this configuration is called 'Saptha Rishi Mandalam', meaning Congregation of Seven Sacred Sages.
2009-04-21 03:54:33
Groer Wagen Groer Br In german
2009-04-03 02:56:12
in the UK they call it the Plough but i like to call it the CHAIR...
2008-12-01 07:15:14
in Lithuania it is also called Ladle, Dipper... Just like in many other countries :) By the way great picture, especially illiumination
2008-10-14 01:51:02
Steelpannetje (little cooking pot)
2008-08-17 16:37:56
JVI, at least Google them both before you make a fool of yourself. You have never seen either of them before, have you? Hint: it's not just the size.
2008-07-06 03:21:18
in belgium it's called "de grote beer"
2008-06-29 23:08:54
La Grande Ourse, en français (FRANCE)
2008-06-29 23:07:14
La Grande Ourse, en français (FRANCE)
2008-06-22 19:29:07
in french " la casserole" => THE PAN. because it look like a pan!!
2008-06-05 18:39:31
In Ireland its called the plough, but its really called the bear.
2008-06-05 18:38:15
In Ireland its called the plough, but its really called the bear.
2008-04-17 07:44:52
in fact is's called "Wielki Wóz"
2008-04-11 23:39:01
In Romanaia it is called Carul Mare
2008-04-03 21:36:07
twoj stary niemiaszku... pff
2008-03-30 04:16:05
Yes, he's named after that other famous German constellation, 'The Insignificant Penis.'
2008-03-29 19:08:13
in Poland its "Wielka Niedzwiedzica" or "Wielki Woz"
2008-03-24 20:02:44
In Finland it's called "Otava" :)
2008-02-16 06:13:55
Göncöl szekér= Göncöl cart
2008-02-14 05:27:03
in Croatia : veliki medvjed ( big bear ) or velika kola ( big cart )
2008-02-05 07:27:47
we call that the drooping penis
2008-02-02 05:34:03
difinitely nothing little about it . . . it's the Big Dipper.
2008-01-22 06:11:56
in Lithuania "grįžulo ratai" it means smf like - come back weals...
2008-01-18 08:28:47
Ursa major
2008-01-15 18:46:54
actually i think it is the Little Dipper. The Big Dipper is a lot larger
2008-01-15 13:18:13
It is actually only an asterism, and it's called The Big Dipper. It is part of the Constellation Ursa Major, "The Big Bear"
2008-01-15 05:07:10
In Romanian, it's "Carul Mare" (the Big Cart) or "Ursa Mare" ( big female bear...sort of). How come almost all the names are similar? The Big Bear thing comes from Latin of course, but it appears even in Korea :o
2008-01-13 05:14:51
In Estonia it is called "Suur Vanker" which translates into the Big Cart
2008-01-07 09:24:58
in Poland also commonly Du¿y wóz (Big Cart)
2008-01-06 06:46:22
Artz nagusia in Basque.
2008-01-05 21:35:44
this 'big cart' is just a part of 'ursa maior' :)
2008-01-05 10:54:30
You're giving him too much credit.
2008-01-05 10:40:43
Is it a male bear or female bear?
2008-01-05 07:57:02
Ursa Maior (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
2008-01-05 07:56:21
Ursa Maior
2008-01-05 02:17:11
portuguese: "Ursa Maior" - Big Female Bear
2008-01-04 21:01:45
grote beer in dutch
2008-01-04 20:00:04
In spanish we call it "Osa Mayor" that means Major female Bear
2008-01-04 18:44:33
Swedish: Karlavagnen (Carls chariot) or Stora björn (the grand/big/large bear)
2008-01-04 17:47:40
"Grosser Wagen" or "Grosser Bär" in Austria
2008-01-04 12:10:24
En España se llama "Osa Mayor" Preciosa foto
2008-01-04 06:55:51
In Slovakia it´s called "Veµký voz" or "Veµká medvedica" - basically the same as in most other languages.
2008-01-04 06:30:55
In Russia it's a BIG MOTHER BEAR there is also a small one somewhere near always)
2008-01-04 06:07:18
In Germany we give two names. Grosser Wagen (Big Car(t?)) Grosser Baer
2008-01-04 06:05:56
That would be 北斗七星 (beidou qixing) in Chinese, meaning The Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper.
2008-01-04 05:36:24
in hungarian: "nagy göncöl"(=göncölszekér (big dipper)), or "nagy medve" (Ursa maior)
2008-01-04 00:57:12
same here...the monkey's ball sack...
2008-01-03 23:09:40
We call it "The Monkey's Ball Sack" around my neck of the woods.
2008-01-03 20:04:53
I thougt we called it Carlsvognen, with a C... and we too call it Store Bjørn (big bear) and when we were vikings, we called it Mandevognen (man-wagon)
2008-01-03 17:24:34
In Denmark it has two names. "Karlsvognen" and "Store Bjørn" Karl is a boys name and vognen meaning "the chariot" or cart. "Store bjørn" directly translates to big bear.
2008-01-03 16:49:10
Otava or Iso Karhu (Iso = Big, Karhu=Bear) Very handy if you wish to find North bearing.
2008-01-03 16:07:05
In Korea : 큰곰자리 (Keun gom ja li) (big bear)
2008-01-03 15:31:43
In Hungary Göncöl-wagon (Göncöl-szekér).
2008-01-03 14:51:46
Great Pic. In Denmark vi call it karlsvognen
2008-01-03 13:03:53
In Canada it's Big Dipper in English or "grande ourse" in French which stands for big bear.
2008-01-03 12:37:24
In Argentina Osa Mayor (Big Bear) - Ursa Major
2008-01-03 09:56:48
in sweden it would be: Karlavagnen that's a put-together word "karla" which i dont know what it stands for right in this word, and "vagnen" which is "Cart"
2008-01-03 08:21:42
de grote beer
2008-01-03 08:01:46
buyuk ayi - big bear in turkish
2008-01-03 07:47:04
"Großer Wagen" in Germany (big Cart)
2008-01-03 07:40:41
Beautiful picture my friend
2008-01-03 05:39:53
no that's just what they call you.
2008-01-03 04:26:27
"great penis" in germany
2008-01-03 03:24:57
Ursa major, or "the big dipper"
2008-01-03 01:52:14
Finland: Otava. According to Wikipedia, this word means a some sort of fishnet.
2008-01-03 01:41:23
en castellano la osa mayor
2008-01-03 01:30:19
Italian: "Orsa Maggiore" or "il Grande Carro"
2008-01-03 01:12:57
In Poland also ,,Wielka Nied¼wiedzica" -- "The big (great?) bear-mother".
2008-01-03 00:36:30
'wielki woz' -in polish't means the big cart
2008-01-02 22:47:13
The Plough
2008-01-02 22:20:58
Big Dipper
2008-01-02 22:03:24
Russia = "Big Bear-mother"
2008-01-02 21:52:09
We call it "La Grande Ourse" in France.