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Old Comments:

2009-02-08 08:32:09
Which is more. Places called Clear Lake or Orange Counties?
2009-02-08 07:10:29
And the winner is.....well, maybe "Contact"..although that was spoken by Buzz Aldrin when the probes hanging down form the landing pads touched the surface and before the lander was actually down on the surface...or maybe it was "Shutdown"..that was spoken by Armstrong after the lander had actually landed..but the first word spoken from the moon to the folks back on earth was "Houston" followed by "the eagle has landed." The Old General would be proud. By the way, NASA headquarters is actually located in Clear Lake, a suburb down the road from the actual City of Houston, though part of the metro area. But somehow "Clear Lake, we have a problem" wouldn't sound quite right, would it?
2009-02-08 04:53:24
I may have read the question wrong. "Contact" was said to be the first word said when their lander touched down on the moon.
2009-02-08 04:47:09
One small step for men; one giant leap for mankind?
2009-02-08 00:35:40
Don’t look it up. It was: “Houston, we have a problem”. That was one small info from that man, but one giant news for mankind.
2009-02-07 22:53:13
Well I would have been around two years old but I'm gonna go with "Contact"? Of course I looked it up!
2009-02-07 22:36:26
Still rainin' out there, huh ? By the way...anybody remember the first word spoken by a human from the actual surface of the moon?
2009-02-07 14:16:08
Are you sure? You didn't get your info. from a reliable source like wikipedia did you? Who in this "unmanned" space craft left the flag behind for this astronaut to find? Beside the blue NASA dot on his chest how do we know it is an astronaut from the US? And look at the fender on the rover car thingy, that is definitely a late 60's Soviet era type bumper. Plus it's red! USSR = Red USA = Blue I thought everybody knew that. Sheesh! You know the more I look at this picture the more I'm drawn to the conclusion that it is a fake. Perfected with Hollywood type theatrics like lighting and camera tricks. And by the way if you are still reading this load of baloney, you're even more bored than I am.
2009-02-07 13:44:56
It's a US Astronaut calling Houston with news of a discovered Soviet flag. FYI, the Soviets landed an unmanned craft on the moon prior to Apollo 11.
2009-02-07 11:58:29
2009-02-07 11:55:17
Why would a Cosmonaut be calling Houston? To tell them they came in second? {:-)
2009-02-07 11:03:21
Ya right. Check out the pictures of the Russian space shuttle on the internet. It resides in a scrap yard covered with a tarp.