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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2010-09-26 09:39:47
Ewww Fuzzy Blue One. That puts a whole new meaning then to peaceful retreats... :(
2010-09-26 02:39:15
Won't be too peaceful when the Jaguar shows up- or when the giant anaconda slithers in - or when innumerable highly venomous insects sneak up on you
2010-09-26 00:23:58
Apologies, too, not to....
2010-09-26 00:23:27
A very peaceful looking place to, BTW.... :)
2010-09-26 00:21:04
Well done, Ademir... :)
2010-09-26 00:07:51
I have found where is the place of this my old upload: Thailand - Bali
2010-07-21 04:35:32
incredible...I could lived there
2010-07-18 18:13:58
I read a very interesting article today in the newspaper about retreats and silence... I think this place would be ideal.
2010-07-18 17:43:17
sorry, I haven't anything else...
2010-07-18 16:27:29
Really intriguing...where is this? Can u find a bigger version maybe?