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Old Comments:

2011-07-04 08:10:09
Connie is a preferred user, but I doubt that she would have been responsible for all of the +3 and -3 votes immediately after the posting of this photo. These +3 and -3 votes were favourable to patito and NOT to connie.
2011-07-04 07:53:43've been tricked :) You did not notice the . after patito's name. Could this be Connie manipulating...again? Stay tuned.
2011-07-04 07:18:40
Did you notice that just after patito signed in (as patito) to upload this image, that everything was quickly voted up or down by +3 or -3. Obviously patito is a preferred user, however he must sign in as patito to use the preferred +/-3 voting power.
2011-07-04 07:12:29
Well patito has come out of the woodwork and, by this post, pretty much admits that patito, katal 1, Ms Piggy and Mr. Pig Sty are all his doing. Katal1 is of course me and out of his control. And I will repeat once again, for those of you that may have missed it: katal1 and katal 1 are not the same, they are different. Patito has decided to post as katal 1 just in order to confuse you.