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Old Comments:

2011-10-10 04:48:56
Has everybody notice??? yeeeeees - that's not new. When someone posts a cartoon poking fun at him or making a comment he doesnt like, it 'disappears' more often than not. But his crappy pics of food get downvoted sometimes but they don't 'disappear'. Some of us have noticed what's going on.
2011-10-10 04:33:13
What I noticed was that Tube Steak in a Bun eats monkey shit soup garnishd with pickled chicken buggers. He says it reminds him of his mom's cooking.
2011-10-10 03:53:28
Has anyone noticed that Tube Steak in a Bun is a gutless, chum-swilling scumbag?
2011-10-10 01:06:27
Has everybody noticed that patito has just removed one of his 'hot dog' photos along with all of the comments. Apparently the comments were not going to his liking.