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Old Comments:

2011-06-18 05:05:51
By problem solver I mean him/her AND you are annoying - probably the same person.
2011-06-18 02:52:05
Don't be so arrogant and assume you are speaking for everyone "No one, except you,..." I was away from Pixdaus for over four months- so no uploads and no comments. Recently, I wrote that I would not bother telling anyone they re- posted a photo unless it was one of my uploads. I still don't say so everytime. This time, it was funny because White Eagle posted my duplicate. Like I said, it's a lovely photo and I voted for it. So, you go and annoy someone else problem solver or whatever troll names you use.
2011-06-17 19:22:41
shut the fuck up
2011-06-17 10:30:07
White Eagle is a big cheater! He just cheat his picture to -4!!
2011-06-17 09:17:52
No one, except you, is interested in duplicates! 99% of visitors didn't the this picture yet, so why don't you just shut up?
2011-06-17 08:38:15
Daily Chronicle posted this photo first. Then I posted it; later finding out I had posted a duplicate. I obviously forgot to check - bad bad me. Oh well, it is a very lovely photo - one of the nicest hot air balloon on Pixdaus. It's in Chambley, France