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Posted By:Nightjar

Old Comments:

2009-04-06 05:37:35
*A lot of horses drowned that day* Sorry that was a real big mistake! XD
2009-04-06 05:36:09
No slaugther.. These horses allmost drowned in holland.. They were suprised by the water (it was rising fast) and get stuck on a real small iland.. A few poeple on horses rescueded them.. A lot of horses drowned that they.. really sad.. I think that are those horses.. Don't know for shure Sorry for my bad english
2008-01-02 17:26:45
Slaughter? I hope not.
2008-01-02 10:49:07
Looks just like my mare in one of her pissed off moods. Poor things - I wonder why they are herded so closely together?