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Posted By:Happy Jack

Old Comments:

2011-02-13 13:36:15
Hey ChiefObserver, when you say "according to the above picture, the photgrapher's name is Klaus Buchmann" ... how did you figure that out? I'm only new to this pixdaus thing and to be honest, find it hard to navigate. Please tell me how you worked that out ... Thanks, Kym.
2011-02-13 13:30:07
Thank both of you so much for replying. I'll see what I can find out about Klaus. Thanks, Kym.
2011-02-12 18:13:54
According to the above picture, the photographer's name is Klaus Buchmann.
2011-02-12 18:02:06
Hello kymsheree, No, I am not the photographer and I don't know who is. I obtained the photo from an internet blog by where they indicated neither a photographer nor any copyright information.
2011-02-12 17:20:47
Hi, I love this photo. I'm publishing a book of horse poetry and am seeking awesome horse art or photos to use as illustrations. Did you take this photo? If so, would you give me permission to use your picture in my book? If not, do you know who's photo it is so I can contact them? Thanks, Kym. Australia.