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Old Comments:

2009-04-13 16:56:46
They are certainly an improvement on some of the pics we see here.
2009-04-13 16:48:17
Oops, poppy goofed. That's the flu medication talking. Thanks, Fuzzy Blue One! - I thought there was something odd about that word when I wrote it; didnít look right...and wasn't. :-)
2009-04-13 11:52:14
I think you mean posterity unless there is some beneficial property attached to connie's black magical pics that will help us to prosper.
2009-04-13 09:24:38
I up vote them all.
2009-04-13 09:19:04
2009-04-12 19:13:45
Please don't comment on the black pics, folks, unless you have some compelling reason to save them for prosperity or black is your favourite colour. ;-) Even if they get -13 votes or more, they'll still stay here in the comment section. With no comments, they'll just go to the downvoted section.
2009-04-12 09:17:11
Not a Connie pic least for now. I now upload from dark to's the new me.