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Old Comments:

2011-01-09 08:18:39
In Cave Creek Arizona there is an eatin place called The Horny Toad - A little further down the road is another restaurant called The Satisfied Frog
2011-01-04 22:59:36
Yes, they are actually lizards, but because their bodies are short and rounded, and because their faces are flat and frog-like, they've always been commonly called Horned Frogs, or Horny Toads. In fact, their Latin name, Phrynosoma,means 'Frog Body.' In Mexico they're called 'Toritos,' meaning 'Little Bulls.' They used to be common but are now fairly rare and are considered endangered, and it is illegal to catch or posses one. The Horned Frog is the official State Reptile of Texas, and also the mascot of Texas Christian University ( TCU).
2011-01-04 21:01:41
Of course, as I am sure Patito knows, they are not actually frogs, but lizards instead.
2011-01-04 12:26:30
Fierce looking, but they average only about 3 inches long, and they eat mainly ants so they don't have much in the way of teeth. As kids we used to catch and keep them for pets, play with them, carry them in our pockets, I never heard of one tryng to bite anybody. They will, however, if provoked, squirt blood out of their eyes. I know that sounds like a tall tale, but it's the gospel truth. As for their origins, I have no idea. But they've been around longer than I have, so they're fairly ancient.
2011-01-04 11:32:30
I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley...but at least he's smiling!...oh btw, where do these horned frogs originate from? :)