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Old Comments:

2010-04-27 21:24:37
While I'm in sympathy with the point of view expressed in the comment above, the dichotomy of Man and his works as opposed to Nature is an artifical one. We humans are as much a part of nature as are birds, bees or beavers, and our works are no less natural. In fact, it is the notion that we exist somehow outside of nature that has led us to some of the predicaments we presently face. We humans most certainly should respect nature,and learn to live in harmony with it, rather than see it as we too often have in the past, as something to be tamed, conquered, and exploited.
2010-04-27 13:54:13
While I respect the artistic devotion behind this picture, I do not find this to be a picture of nature, but rather an abomination of it. The Colorado River, one of the greatest and biggest rivers, no longer reaches the ocean, and our great Dams are slowly destroying the beauty and vitality of nature. I find this picture inappropriate on a "Nature" page, and think that if people truly want to experience nature and have a personal connection with it, even on this page, we ought to support efforts to protect it from human harm, as well as from this kind of disrespect to what this site is trying to accomplish