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Old Comments:

2008-11-26 16:13:29
Makes it very special indeed. WOW Beautiful gift
2008-11-26 08:48:27
Actually, this is not a photograph, it's a drawing the photographer did in her art class. The people who commented on it seemed pretty amazed that it was a drawing.
2008-11-26 03:41:26
The shopwork is terrific.
2008-11-25 12:26:24
I like it also skip...Hope she doesn't loose a photo , that could mess up her day...Just holding our selfs together in todays times is a chore .
2008-11-25 10:47:08
Exactly, and the photographer explained this self portrait, by saying somthing like you just said, and she said, that was why she's not smiling because it's not always easy to do, or you get tired of it. anyway glad you liked it poppy : )
2008-11-25 10:24:07
Don't we all have days like that? Trying to hold ourselves together by sheer willpower... Interesting pic, I like it.