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2010-04-29 03:57:17
No need to apologize, you did me a service, in a way...
2010-04-29 01:02:24
I am so sorry. My sincere apology, and I must check more carefully. And yes, too many here vote for or against person, not for or against picture, which is mean , vindictive and stupid behavior. Maybe too many are resentful of strong woman who speaks her mind.
2010-04-29 00:10:20
I like this photo and I am glad that it's getting the good votes that it deserves, currently 41 votes (I voted for it). When I posted this same picture on 1 April, I got 12 votes for it. Ironic, when some 'types' here say that my pics are not downvoted. - Again, I don't care about the downvotes per se, but I do care that some posters' pics are downvoted because the voters don't like the persons who posted the pics. Such downvoters are belittling the artisty of the photographers whose pictures we post.