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2008-03-19 18:36:13
May I book in for two nights please? What is for dinner this evening? Are! I see! Yak curd and maize balls. And for breakfast? Oh! Are! Small cakes of maize in yak milk liquid, followed by hot tea made of maize and a dollop of yak curd. Yum, yum. Tickle my b.m! And where do I sleep - can I have a room for myself? EEk! Oh! I understand! No private rooms. We all sleep in the same large marquee. I see! Um! You say you would like me to register now. Oh, all right! And for security reasons you need my passport, my National Insurance number, my place of work, my home address, my marital status, my sexual proclivities, an iris scan and prints from both my hands - and feet!? All this in case I abscond in the middle of the night without paying? And how much does it cost per night anyway? £0.50 ($1.00) per night, you say! And you don't want payment in dollars. Why? Because of the dollar's pending crash! Ah! I understand! Yes! Ermm! Can I pay in gold bars instead?