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Old Comments:

2009-04-17 17:24:05
Still is a nice picture. It is obvious that is above good for some people here, so no wonder that it is not properly set.
2009-04-17 12:44:31
OMG poor dear cunnie uploaded too big a picture and now they complain about electricity prices, they can't afford the luxury of a well-lit neighborhood, l hope potato and poopy show their sportsmanship and help poor cunnie out while analyzing grammar and syntax of this post thank you.
2009-04-17 11:04:28
They forgot on purpose - electricity is astronomical in Europe. It's cheap in North least in Canada, so we waste it.
2009-04-17 10:59:28
Musta forgot to pay their electric bill, huh ?
2009-04-17 10:48:44
Sigh! I was such a nice photo