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Old Comments:

2008-11-06 00:16:26
She was English and had never heard of Yogi Berra but I know what you mean. ;-)
2008-11-06 00:14:52
Good one, Patito!
2008-11-05 21:37:35
Or like Old Man Guidry back up in East Texas once said about how inflation wouldn't be so bad if it didn't always seem to come along when prices was so high.
2008-11-05 21:23:50
That's very 'Yogi Berra' of her.
2008-11-05 20:53:13
In reverse, this reminds me of my mother-in-law who announced when looking at people at a busy shopping mall: "If it were not so crowded, a lot more people would want to come here."
2008-11-05 14:44:05
i wish our highways looked like this one. no pollution