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Old Comments:

2009-01-10 11:33:30
I've read about this..the sides opened up, gull-wing fashion..the passengers ran alongside, pushing, much in the manner of a bob sled or luge, until the train reached a steep incline similar to that of a roller coaster..the passengers lept aboard at the last moment, the sides closed, and the train's momentum carried it to the next station where the process was sounds implausible, but it worked because Germany is a very hilly country and its people are highly motivated and athletic ..
2009-01-10 10:09:12
I am puzzled by this photo Starboardside. Germany was still under the post-WWI austerity. I know there was the birth of the great Bauhaus designs, and the design of this train could be an offshoot of that design phase. But the train was either electric or diesel. If diesel, I would have thought there to be visible exhaust outlets. Can you give the link of the URL?