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Posted By:Rado

Old Comments:

2009-02-22 09:56:33
not ungrateful...scared
2009-02-22 09:55:43
You suck! Dogs rock! Get a psychiatrist.
2009-02-22 09:54:05
2008-05-31 23:44:34
Cat: HEELPP Dog: what was that Cat: *splutter* I said help you dick! Dog: ooh I'd love to but It looks a bit cold in there, I'm sure you'll manage. Cat: stop being a dick and get me out. Dog: say it Cat: say what Dog: you know what Cat: f*ck off Dog: enjoy your swim *walks off* Cat: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT *mumbles quietly* Dog: didnt quite catch that Cat: Dogs rule cats drool Dog: louder Cat: DOGSRULEANDCATSDROOLL!! Dog: and Cat: and i'l never crap in your stupid doggie bed again, happy now Dog: very *Dog leaps in splashing the cat even more* Cat: dick Dog: your welcome *cats scrambles coughing and spluttering onto the dogs back*
2008-04-22 18:26:41
Nice picture it would have been if it were not for sure that the humans have dropped the cat in the the water... And probably, the dog too.
2008-02-29 20:37:59
I would kill that dog even if it would save MY life. Because it is a dog. Dogs must be killed. And they will be killed. All of them. Genocide!
2008-02-27 13:26:52
....and the cat still looks pissed in the 2nd pic where he's being saved. cat's are so ungrateful...
2008-02-25 18:52:59
A very impressionant and warm pic. Thank's.
2008-02-25 08:21:54
Dog saving cat,friendship between two "enemy" animals...Humans could learn lessons of being humans from animals. It`s a wonderful picture.I love it.