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Old Comments:

2009-06-03 12:36:19
I too have been logged in as someone else and can not stay logged in as jack sparrow. I'm sure if they get enough complaints they will get the problem solved.
2009-06-03 10:28:01
I'm not sure why it happens. Sometimes it will switch over to another nick while surfing pixdaus other times it will happen when I first open the main page after doing regular work on the computer. Work def: What I do while not on pixdaus. Well most of the time. ;)
2009-06-03 10:16:17
Why are you being offered all these nicks? I have not got the first one I out of the loop, or something? ;-)
2009-06-03 09:16:14
WOW! I think Pixdaus is out to get you right into the loonie bin ;-) If you send them a message, they won't respond anyways
2009-06-03 09:07:17
I've gotten two more since posting this.