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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-12-25 09:07:54
But at least others wait a few days, or it's a genuine mistake. jchip8 does not wait; he posts other people's photos within less than 1/2 an hour after a person has posted theirs - like my Avenue of Giants (which has now disappeared). Within less than a hour he had over 80 votes on that photo. That tells me that he purposely take other people's photo and make them his. A bit of cheating and/or laziness wouldn't you say?
2008-12-25 04:22:33
You know I am up to 2200 on my start at the first pic and work my way to the current pics. And believe me when I say that we have all been posting a lot of pics that jchip8 has already posted. If you want to have some fun start with the first jchip8 pic and work through them. You'll see what I mean. Keep Up The Good Work Jchip8.
2008-12-25 03:23:04
jchip8, Dijerida posted this photo yesterday.