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Posted By:patito

Old Comments:

2009-11-17 12:24:56
Welcome back Patito. Where did you go camping?
2009-11-17 02:05:24
Howdy El Peon...lotta mountains out where I've been, but no fact, not much water of any kind except the Pecos River, which you can jump across in the few places where it's too deep to wade...
2009-11-17 02:01:27
Thanks, Ms P....good to be back home..tent camping is one of those things that gets harder to do as you get a few years on you...and you are quite correct, Emiliano...trolls' comments help our photos maintain a prominent position in the 'recently commented' section... and since no one actually reads or pays any attention to the troll's comments no harm is done...
2009-11-17 01:19:01
Patito must be very pleased that the troll P0PPY keeps posting comments under his pictures so that Patito's photos remain at the top of the pile and more people get to see them.
2009-11-17 01:01:06
Hello Ms poppy ,How many letters are there in the word (Tommyrot)
2009-11-17 00:02:45
Hello Patito! Welcome back to the NutHouse! I hope you had a good time, and feel strong enough to cope with the loonies and the trolls again, heh. One troll on this page already, P0PPY, who keeps insisting on posting pics under that name....
2009-11-16 23:53:46
Ms Patito This photo is very beautiful.
2009-11-16 23:42:01
Hy patito, You miss lot of mountains reflected in lakes. Fortunately for your bus driver. :)