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Old Comments:

2009-12-10 03:51:01
There was a very similar pic by I-forget-by-whom, and it and this one had the same number of votes. When they could be viewed at the same time, they were equal in interest, subject and quality. Very soon, this pic of Patito's began to be heavily voted down and almost disappeared. Why? The comparable pic now has twice as many votes as this one has. Hawkeye: Shove it!
2009-12-10 03:43:56
Mr. Patito wishes me to extend to you his sincere appreciation and gratitude for your ceaseless efforts to maintain his photographs at the top of the comment section. It is only through the tireless efforts of concerned citizens such as yourself that we are able to carry on our vital and important work. Anita Martini Secretary The Patito Institute for Arts and Letters
2009-12-10 03:10:50
Middle-rate pic. Upvoted by the grace of patito!