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Old Comments:

2009-05-19 03:29:54
I'll try that next time.
2009-05-19 03:29:07
I would like to, but I don't keep addresses.
2009-05-18 20:52:49
Sometimes when I upload a pic I get a message saying it has been uploaded; but for some reason it's not being shown. So, when that happens I'll upload it to and then transfer it from there to here and then I can see it. Maybe you should try that.
2009-05-18 19:00:20
hy, connie. have a advice. when you post a picture like this in comment put a adress so someone can put it insted of you.
2009-05-17 02:10:14
;-) It's too bad that I can't upload this photo properly. It has two kittens, and the contrast between the cement and green trees is interesting.
2009-05-16 11:57:59
He says "Where did all this red jello come from"
2009-05-16 11:27:40
Quess what? It didn't work the 2nd time. You can now proceed to downvote this photo with a lot of enthusiam and relish. I would do it if I could vote for myself.