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Old Comments:

2008-08-30 15:07:28
Yawn. That post makes it look like I would actually waste time trying to track down a troll. I bet you'll neg vote the heck out of it so that it appears to be a legitimate message from me as well...
2008-08-30 14:46:28
I found the trolls homepage, if anyone is interested. It does a lot to explain why they are so messed up and I think it will help us get rid of them. It looks like there is a way to report them.
2008-08-30 14:35:07
Yes... posting verbal postings regarding verbal shots fired at cute little kitties is of the highest national concern. I'm sure they've already got "top men" on it... I called the internets police already.
2008-08-30 14:29:56
With any luck, the FBI and Homeland Security will take an interest in these guys.
2008-08-27 12:54:52
2008-08-27 12:54:00
LOL Duh!
2008-08-27 11:51:35
2008-08-26 19:53:01
2008-08-26 10:45:15
I wonder what's down there that's so interesting...
2008-08-26 10:43:15
so sweeet!!
2008-08-26 10:42:52
so sweeet!!