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Old Comments:

2008-12-16 07:14:52
I pick......bachellorette #2!
2008-04-13 08:31:27
You guys are missing the point - it's just a great picture - and by the way - they're twins - look at the hands.
2008-03-13 09:20:55
Your right, plus the position of the shapes in the pattern on each dress is different as well - it must be two different women.
2008-03-13 08:58:00
I think that's two people there. Look at their fingernails. If that's the same person, the photographer waited at least two weeks between taking the two photos of her to show that much difference in nail growth.
2008-03-13 02:24:49
If you want to look thin... hang out with fat people! BOO-YEAH!!!
2008-03-13 02:12:03
Very clever piece of Photoshopping! The impression is that the two unfortunate fat ladies are twins. But look closely. The fringe is 'exactly' the same on the two faces. The lady was photographed from two different angles - the left and the right, and then montaged together. But the title is 'Heather Graham.' Does the picture show Heather Graham as she originally was, several years before the misfortune of putting on excessive weight?