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Old Comments:

2008-04-16 09:59:35
Well spoken, schumi.
2008-04-16 04:29:15
It has no ground at all to be a nationalist! Times have changed and will never come back. It's rather stupid not to notice this. We are members of the EU, so let's live in peace and let the others live, too.
2008-04-16 03:53:14
Stop this discussion I got lots of hungarian friends - they are great people. What a shame that peolpe like Tarquinius are representing hungarians with their oldfashioned thinking. I have got only one sentense for you: Look we you were in the history (what a great empire and nation) and now? you are looking on our backs.
2008-04-16 03:14:43
2008-04-16 01:35:40
This is a beautiful photo, but this is not Hungary and does not look like Hungary at all. Let's believe that what we can see is LIPTOVSKA MARA lake. :)
2008-04-16 01:25:04
Discussion closed. To Philip: sorry, you are right. By the way, I have my reason: thi so-calld "Slovakia" took a good part from my country. Read sporty too. (Ami a tótot illeti, hát röhejesek vagytok.)
2008-04-16 01:13:47
Tarquinius look. We are not driving tanks through our capital city demonstrating our poor life! I got nothing against Hungarian I meet lots of them and many are my friends. But, everywhere are loosers like you. What a shame that people like you are representing your nation.
2008-04-16 01:05:38
Why, I find it very curious to understand, that too many people like you, Tarquinius, use insultingly offensive language in response to someone who might make a 'very simple' and 'understandable' mistake? Is it because life is becoming intolerably stressful, as a direct consequence of the criminal Bush's regime that orchestrated 9/11 and conducted invasions of two foreign countries upon the basis of blatant lies, and that any lawful protests you make in public will cause the thuggish police to unlawfully assault and injure, and then to arrest you upon trumped up charges of resisting arrest; then to be dragged through the courts to be sentenced to imprisonment by an equally thuggish and criminal judge? And so, because of all this, you resort to indelicate language towards a stranger? Is that what your problem is about?
2008-04-16 00:11:34
This was, it is, and remain Hungary, asshole. The whole slovakian history is like a short message - 160 character. Szerencsétlen tót :-)
2008-04-15 23:39:19
Did I say "Really captures the essence of the real Slovakia"? I meant Hungary! Well, I haven't seen the outer areas of Hungary (yet) so I'm not a good witness. However, it does look very similar to the outer areas of Slovakia. Never-the-less, it is beautiful.
2008-04-15 23:13:54
Yeah it is Liptovska Mara. And that was the part of Hungarian empire, which kicked all the hungarian asses after 1000 years finally. hehe
2008-04-15 23:05:35
This is Hungary, not Slovakia...
2008-04-15 23:03:57
is that LIPTOVSKA MARA lake?? I Was there many years ago...
2008-04-15 21:39:18
I love Slovakia with all my heart. Great pic. Really captures the essence of the real Slovakia.